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Typography Artwork

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Dino Vitagliano

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Graphics structure has undergone a total revolution given that then of course, and designers can skip most of the rigmaroles of technical press information and focus solely on digital and digital output know-how. Even greater, they can in theory mess up all they like and repair it.

Typography is nothing but the art of arranging words and typos to make them visible. It involves a huge category of characteristics like typefaces, line length, line spacing, etc. This art is as old as the earliest writing systems and it is the most important element of an ecommerce store. The modern business world uses it to help consumers relate easily. Research has shown that more than 95% of the information in the online world is text.

With that said, every web designer should have a sound understanding of shaping the written language, as typography is undoubtedly the most fundamental and basic principles of a good ecommerce store. When printed information is not readable, it becomes useless and without purpose. This is where the typographer comes into play where they got to make the print more interpretable. This said, good typography does not only revolve around font style and size, but goes beyond this helping to establish a high level of visual hierarchy guiding the reader across the page in accordance to the level of importance of the different text and images displayed.

In todays world, wherever you look, we are being bombarded with corporate messages, brand messages and marketing campaigns all vying for our attention. The competitive nature of business in the modern world is increasingly turning towards graphic designers to create a unique image, logo, brand and message to capture an audience and convert them into customers and loyal followers of the business. Images attempt to persuade us, through emotive contexts and communication.

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