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What You Should Know About Fayum Art

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Laura Gallagher

Fayum art has been widely famous for the original wood panel usage. This style of portrait has been pointed out as an evidence of culture of the ancient period. Scholars and learned people have laid interests on this painting form and branded it as a great influence on the world's artistic history.

The portraits have been proven to come from Egypt especially in a place called Fayum Basin from where the name is derived. Most of these paintings have death as a theme. A lot have said that with a mere gaze of one of these some realistic emotion can upsurge. These artistic pieces have become a great deal recently and even more because they emerge out of Egypt.

This painting form has made a reputation that represents an inspired period in the history of the world. It has been dated to begin at about first century BC. Experts and historians have also stipulated that the style ended during the reign of the Byzantine Empire.

The Egyptians used to cover their mummies with these wooden panels of portrait while waiting for the burial. When the burial is ready, they would put the painting on top of the head of the mummy. This has been noted as the reason why these paintings only detail the face and none below.

Today these portraits have been preserved in good conditions. It is maybe because of how they were made. A layer of plaster is used as a primer for the wood panel. Ancient Egyptian artists used two different painting methods. One is wax based and the other is egg based. These pieces are evidences of the expertise even of old people in the artistic field.

Today many of these paintings have been extracted for the purpose of examination. It has been studied that this form has also influenced the ancient Greeks. Majority of these have been preserved in great condition that until today the colors are still very distinctive.

fayum art is one of the exquisite forms in the world. That clear, exciting and lifelike appearances of the painting objects make them very beautiful. The legacy that ancient artists had been kept up to now.

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