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Make A Unique Statement With Finger Tattoos

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Kat Vincent

Finger tattoos are a bit like modern tribal art. It may seem that having ink applied to fingers is more popular than ever before. It may be that many more have embraced this combination of expression and style as being socially acceptable. It may also be that those who are attracted to this type of fashion are no longer constrained by what society thinks.

Part of the fascination with having that all important images inked on fingers is that they are immediately seen. This is a fashion statement that you should be certain you wish to keep for a lifetime. Once the ink is there, it is very costly to get it off.

The highly personal nature of announcing sentiments and commitments is easily understood when viewing matching tattooed hands of couples. Some do it simply because they believe that it is a forever statement that clearly trumps wearing removable wedding or engagement rings. Each person in the couple must consider the process carefully, however, because it can be more painful for some than for others and covering up ink from a breakup is generally costly and time consuming.

Tribal designs have been used since the earliest tattoos. Western culture takes many ideas for body art from world cultures, and this is much more than just a current trend. The striking graphics are bold additions to the bodies of many strong characters.

It is an easy thing to add a tiny design to one knuckle. It can be surprising to see people who have covered every knuckle they have with riotous colors or provocative words. The inspirational or thoughtful statement might be an intriguing way to share one's viewpoints with the world.

Finger tattoos offer the bold at heart the option of telling the world their thoughts. People who truly feel ready to do this generally are not afraid to speak up for their convictions. It never hurts to have the confidence to stand out in a crowd, either.

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