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The Artistry That Made Norman Lindsay Create Timeless Novels

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Jamie Horne

One main reason that makes sculptures by Norman Lindsay a favorite is the unique artistic angle each of them has. Some are done in wet cement. Others use materials such as bronze. Irrespective of the raw products, a lot of interest has been generated for the products.

The story about him is quite intriguing. It is said that he did not attend any school to learn the skills. From as early as thirteen years, he could d draw with recognizable expertise. He had very supportive companions in the family. Some of his siblings were also involved in artwork. The guess is that there was abundant talent at family level.

The humble beginning of worldwide fame was to further blossom when the young man relocated to the capital, city, Melbourne. He joined a weekly magazine publisher as a cartoonist. He was to remain at the firm for fifty years. This is actually a true reflection of his acclaimed skills. The magazine continue to attract wide readership due to them very interesting caricature. No one would like to miss on the humor and creativity.

Soon even the teachers could tell that there was not the ordinary work that other children could do. Any time a new painting came from him, a creative angle was clearly noticeable. The journey to fame had just begun. What would otherwise have taken as disaster was to soon take the shape of innovation.

With time, the writing of novels commenced. The focus was initially issues related to the middle class. A variety of other themes were to follow in quick succession. The total number of novels done was to hit the 40mark by the time the curtain drew on him. The censor would not spare him the gag but the gifted hand would churn out more pages each time.

He was a very good sculptor. How he managed to work as a cartoonist, novelist and painter is very difficult to tell. Legend has it that he usually woke up long before dawn. He would work tirelessly throughout the day and late into the night. Nudity as a concept was part of his model sculptures. Today, the great work is at display in his home area. Galleries throughout the world deal in the productions.

In painting, both oils and water colors utilized. It may seem that carrying out experiments was the motivating factor. If something was conceived, it had to be expressed in one way or the other. Many other ventures would be taken up. For example, he is reputed to have been of pioneer stage actors. Besides, he also drew ship models.

Many critics look at the man as a person who had lived ahead of his time. The work by Norman Lindsay will definitely continue to excite for many years. As time progresses, it is certain that the value of each of his pieces will earn much more money. Collectors of art items have developed a lot of interest in his etchings. The inspiration found in them is unequalled. Even modern painters can always draw lessons from what the famous artist created. This is a classic example of true genius.

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