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Learn Photography - Suggested Focus Guidelines

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Dan Feildman

Photography has long been probably the most popular lessons looked for, from those seeking fun classes and a new hobby, to others planning to kick start a career behind the camera.

This artistic medium has truly changed in the last couple of years as taking photos has become easier with the introduction of the digital camera. This month, we've made a decision to check out the possibilities in photography and the kinds of programs and classes you can take to help you make the most of your memories.

Photographer, Richard Gray is surely open to these opportunities. He runs a program at Kensington and Chelsea College that concentrates entirely on taking photos with the Apple iPhone.

Richard is passionate about this art form titled "iPhoneography" as it does not require a huge expense and just about anyone can get involved by using the digital camera on their phone.

He says: "No more do you require costly or complex equipment to produce fantastic images. The Apple iPhone camera and the vast range of apps available for it are giving lots of people, without any prior experience of photography, an exciting new outlet to share some absolutely stunning creativity."

Clare Trotter is a graduate who took photography at undergraduate level and she agrees: "It's not crucial any longer to have a costly camera, among my favourite cameras cost me 19 and the lens is made of plastic! I believe photography is something anyone can take up, specially with all the dslr cameras and technology available."

Though this indicates that low budget photography has changed the art form, camera fans still flock to the stores with every new release of Digital SLR camera. Standing for Digital Single-Lens Reflex, these digital cameras are a favorite with the professionals.

In comparison to normal cameras, they've a lot more options to choose from when taking photos, thus you can get really high quality shots. Obviously this means their operation is not always simple and easy for the regular photographer. There are courses available to help though - The Mango Lab offers tuition centered on DSLR photography for people who want to use the camera to its full potential.

If you can't extend the budget to a Digital SLR, there's the in between option of the compact camera. We no longer have to ration film as we can fit thousands of pictures on a small memory card, and the problem of fingers over the lens can be averted now we've a handy display to show us what our photo will look like.

There are digital camera classes tell you how to make the most of these cameras too, and also useful blogs such as Learn Digital Photography Now, which will give advice. Plus with an abundance of Photoshop lessons, you may also edit them like a pro.

With numerous possibilities for taking and sharing photos now, digital camera courses and other photography tutorials have turned into a popular hobby to take up and also creating a viable way of making a living on completion. Whether you wish to do it for fun or as a career, we've got plenty of classes to get you started.

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