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The Procedures Involved In Getting a Good Portrait Painting

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Salim Habakkuk

Any person who has a taste for art would accept the fact that a portrait painting is a beautiful sight. They are even more exclusive when they are made by hand. It involves a high level of expertise where the painter is in most cases expected to reproduce a photo image into an oil painting.

The first step would be to look for an image of what is to be painted. This may be a family picture, a pet or a car, virtually anything. Once an image is selected, then it then sent or taken to the painter who then consents to taking up the task. Given that oil paintings require a very high level of expertise it is necessary for one to select an experienced painter.

Portraits come in different shapes and sizes. The client has the option of deciding what size of portrait they prefer. This also extends to the design as well as the shape of the frame which also vary. The choice of which type of frame or design that the painting will have is all up to the buyer.

When getting a portrait painting it is normal for the client to give the painter a considerable amount of time to complete the task. This is usually an essential part of the contract as oil painting is usually customized and may take any time from a few hours or even days depending on the complexity.

After a painting has been completed, a client is given the chance to give their opinion on the painting. If they are not satisfied with the result the painter may opt to make the necessary changes or redo the whole painting. Such changes are usually at no extra cost to the buyer.

In the case where all transactions are made online, most painting companies will employ the use of high tech courier and handling services to ensure that the portraits are safely delivered in good condition. Measures such as insurance may also be taken as these kinds of paintings are usually of high value to the clients.

The portrait painting business has become very lucrative as demand for handmade oil paintings increases by the day. The state of the industry has led to the emergence of highly qualified experts who accustomed to the trade. A good portrait painting is no longer difficult to get.

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