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Tips About Abstract Watercolor Painting

- - Sanny Tendilla

By Mallory Goodwin

Pursuing a creative pastime is possible if you try to learn how to complete an abstract watercolor painting. This kind of art medium is gaining popularity due to the ease of its use. You just need a few things like tinting color, water, a soft brush, and the support such as paper. Other mediums will require many tools and solvents like thinner which can be bad for your health if inhaled.

It can be tricky to use watered down paint since it is hard to control its movement on paper. Reading about some tips on using this medium can be beneficial for any budding artist. By educating yourself before you begin to experiment with this art material, you can avoid common mistakes linked to this medium. Many beginners get confused about dealing with fading shades after this paint becomes dry.

This kind of paint will always appear more intense when it is newly applied on paper and still wet. As soon as it dries, you will notice that the colors will somehow seem lighter or paler. You can make shades appear stronger by using more dye and mixing it in less water or by adding a second layer of paint.

This medium will dry fast which makes mistakes more noticeable and harder to correct. Acrylic and oil paint can be manipulated long after the medium hits the canvas which makes it easier for the artist to correct errors. You can test the color of the tint first on another piece of paper before brushing it on your main support.

This medium produces transparent colors that allow a viewer to see through the image you have painted. This transparency lets your work look appealing but also makes mistakes obvious to the eye. It is not easy to hide mistakes when this happens. The best you can do is to make fewer errors as much as possible or just go with the flow and embrace the imperfections.

Owning an excellent brush is more important to an artist than having many bad tools to work with. Good materials can help you produce good looking artwork. Bristles from badly crafted tools may fall off and land on your work. Nicely-made brushes will also let your strokes look better without leaving behind incorrect marks and missed spaces.

It may be hard to paint with watery dyes if you are not a skilled artist. Seasoned painters who are used to applying oil paint on canvas will also have a hard time adjusting to water-based mediums on flimsy supports like paper. If making a painting yourself is too challenging, consider buying a ready-to-hang artwork for practicality's sake.

Getting an abstract watercolor painting on the internet is a good option as it may work out cheaper. On the net, you can find dozens of choices from original artwork to bulk produced wall art. It will be better to get authentic, hand painted work to get your money's worth. This kind of decor will also be more valuable than commercially produced pictures. Look for artwork that comes with documentation from the original artist.

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